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Ann Galeon - Quilted Graphic Images

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making and creating art is my passion.
teaching is my vocation.
heeding to the call of the Great Commission is my calling.
using the visual art as medium and grounding on the theme:
     " God's love and His grace throughout all--- Eternity "
              ( a visual serenade on His loving kindness  )
the use of cloth and fiber as my medium is the result of my quest and experimentation with other media. this is where i am comfortable and found great passion and joy in expressing best the subjects and themes i am inspired to translate, visually.

all of the art pieces are hand pieced, hand quilted, with the intention to achieve that hand-made, puckered look. as if heart, mind, and soul had been poured out on each piece.

most artists who really work with heart, mind, and soul will unlikely to repeat the same piece again for emotions and effort have been passionately strained during the process.

i have gravitated into creating images that are simple and graphic, avoiding clutter and complexities, aiming to achieve--simplicity and clarity for it is always the style of the Master Artist as He leads His children into all the Truth--simple and direct.

" letting the light shine " 13 x 13 in. collection H. Lim Tan

the artist would like share some excerpts from her favorite readings--


__________________________ "gleanings" by dr.gilfernandez


.... "Let us now briefly consider one of God's attributes, His eternity. How long is "eternal"? Someone said that if you imagine that this world is a ball of steel, then you may in some small way understand eternity to some extent . Now, suppose that once every 1,000 years  a big bird would visit this planet and touch its bill lightly on our world. After zillions of millenniums this ball of steel would hardly show a dent on its surface. And after this world have been completely worn out due to the bird's slight touch once in every millennium, then eternity has just begun!

     The concept of the eternity of the future is mind-boggling enough. How about its concomitant, the eternity of the past? There is no time---however far you may go into the distant past---when God did not exist. He has no beginning at all. "From everlasting (eternity of the past) to everlasting (eternity of the future), thou art God." God has always existed! There was no time when he was not. That there will be no end to His existence, that I can understand to some extent. But that He had no beginning at all is simlpy beyond me. 

    We can think of that concept until we are blue in the face, and we will never fully understand it. If that can be grasped by our puny minds, then well may Albert Einstein explain his theory of relativity to a new-born baby!

    No wonder Melanchthon, the co-founder of Luther, said that God is not to be investigated as an object of study, but only to be reverently adored and worshiped."


_____________________________________ "sparks from the anvil" by e.e cleveland

For every cause there is a corresponding effect. Though a given cause may precedes its ultimate effect by decades, it will come as inevitable as sunrise. Nothing in life is lost.

___________________________ "alpha and omega" by e.g. white

Let every mother feel that her moments are priceless; her work will be tested in the solemn days of accounts. Then it will be found that many of the failures and crimes of men and women have resulted from the ignorance and neglect of those whose duty it was to guide their childish feet in the right way, Then it will be found that many who have blessed the world with the light of genius and truth and holiness, owe the principles that were the mainspring of their influence and success to a praying Christian mother.